May your future self not regret your past self! 

New spot for TU MUNDO, telecommunications company Starring JULIO CESAR RODRÍQUEZ. This time we referenced a classic movie: Back to the Future. Excellent production and post VFX, great results. It's already on Open TV!

Director: Ignacio Henríquez M.
Producer: Bastian Henríquez
Assistant Director: Rachell Vásquez
DOP: Alonso Tapia 
Art Director: Camila Vilches
Customer Designer: Eileen 
Cameraman: Mathías Encina
Assistant Camera: Felipe Cartes
Video Assistant: Hugo Torres
Gaffer: Daniel Cofré
Make up: Pam Jerez
Assistant Make up: Francisca Ríos
Actor: Jorge Barros
Catering: Henry Inoztroza
Catering Assistant: Margarita Miranda & Carolina Miranda

VFX Supervisor & VFX Artist: Ignacio Henríquez M.
VFX Producer: Ignacio Henríquez M. & Bastian Henríquez
3D Modeling and Texturing: Bastian Henríquez
3D Tracking:​​​​​​​ Bastian Henríquez
Digital Animator: Bastian Henríquez
Compositing VFX: Ignacio Henríquez M.
Rotoscoping: Ignacio Henríquez M. Bastian Henríquez, Felipe Cartes
Editing, CC & Color Grading: Ignacio Henríquez M.
Dubbing Recording: YouLab
Making Of: Giovanni Repetto
Master Sound: SAUVALLE