They asked us to make a spot where we highlight some important features of the MUNDO GO application. We wanted to make it interactive and with a dog actor as a companion. We loved the result.

Director: Ignacio Henríquez M.
Producer: Bastian Henríquez
Assistant Director: Rachel Vásquez & Bruno Díaz
DOP: Alonso Tapia
Art Director: Pam Jerez
Asst. Art: Edgar Segovia
Cameraman: Alonso Tapia
Gaffer: Miguel Jofré
Video Assistant: Marcos Díaz
Follow Focus: Marcos Díaz
Make up: Pam Jerez & Ara Toloza
Actor: Sebastian Barros, Noah (Dog)

Director VFX: Director: Ignacio Henríquez M. & Bastian Henríquez
VFX Supervisor & VFX Artist: Ignacio Henríquez M. & Bastian Henríquez
VFX Producer: Bastian Henríquez
Rotoscoping: Ignacio Henríquez M. & Alonso Mardones
Editing, CC & Color Grading: Ignacio Henríquez M.
Soundtrack & Sound fx: Sauvalle